The tool for understanding and communicating your impact.

At INNOMAP we are on a mission to build knowledge around impact creation and make it simpler for you to communicate it. We help you within 5 stages on your journey to understand your impact:


Helping you understand impact and identify your current areas of impact creation based on your specific business activities and objectives.


Applying tangible tools of impact measurement needed to quantify your impact in areas relevant to your business.


Offering specific indicators to help you track and create sustainable value in the long-term.


Helping you communicate your impact in a simple, holistic and effective way in order to provide tangible proof of your contribution to sustainable development.


Providing impact consultancy in order to facilitate the improvement of problematic areas of your impact creation.

Innomap DNA

The INNOMAP DNA is at the core of our value proposition. The model is based on the objective that impact is created within three main areas: People, Planet and Society. By categorization each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals into three impact areas, INNOMAP aims at meeting and employing the multidimensional character of the goals in simplistic and holistic manners. The INNOMAP DNA becomes a concrete lever to help you understand and communicate your impact in even more valuable ways.


We map your current and potential impact related to improving human life as well as the physical and mental well-being of individuals. This concerns the SDGs with a focus on better living conditions, quality education, health and equal opportunities for all.


We focus on mapping the relation between your impact and the SDGs addressing environmental issues. This focus concerns SDGs regarding waste management, clean energy, water and air quality, land and forest conservation, carbon neutrality and biodiversity.


We focus on how your business acts on making a positive change in social and economic structures. The SDGs concerns infrastructures, resource-efficient industries, sustainable communities, partnerships and strong institutions.


"Innomap is an added value for our company.
We live in a world where it is a standard to act accordingly and as a startup we understand our business, but it is a big challenge to make a report showing our impact.
With the report we are able to show our impact in areas we hoped, but also in other targets that we were not aware of."

Camilo Fernandez,
Co-founder - Kaffe Bueno

"Innomap is a self-reflective journey that converts our impact creation into an easily accessible marketing tool."

Jacob Vahr Svenningsen,
Founder and CEO - eGro

"Measuring your impact helps you focus on the change you’re trying to bring about. It helps you achieve your goals, set your strategy, and act accordingly. When you’re aiming to make your work matter that clarity makes a difference on a very real level."

Thor Rigtrup Larsen,
Chief strategist - Humanitrack